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I am notified via email when this page changes, so feel free to ask me questions by editing this page.


  • Do you really check this page? -- User:dvhart
    • Yes, I really do ;-)
  • Will IBM ever release TuningFork as FLOSS? -- User:abogani
    • Abogani, I don't work directly with TuningFork so I don't know what IBM is planning for it. I am looking into getting an answer for you. Please send me an email as I doubt I should be posting any IBM product plans on this wiki (you shouldn't have any trouble finding my IBM email address if you search an LKML archive ;-)
  • Sorry for a stupid question, but still... The RT_PREEMPT_HOWTO says it is better to take a major kernel version, and then it says it is better to take the appropriate version of the patch. The current patch version is, and there are kernel versions and 2.6.22(which is probably equal to By the way, it is probably better to edit the howto, too... -- User:Der
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