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tglx's realtime corner

My real name is Thomas Gleixner, but I formed a habit of using my login name for everything.

I'm a real person and not a patch robot, which signs his mails with "tglx"

I studied theoretical physics and electronics, worked as hardware designer and software developer in the embedded (industrial automation) space before I caught the Linux virus and decided to run a small business focussed on Linux in industrial environments.

My first touch with Linux was back in the 0.x days and I still have a working floppy with 0.98 around.

After I founded linutronix I got involved with MTD and contributed to the RTAI project. I was never fond of the dual kernel approach and contacted Prof. Douglas Niehaus at the Kansas University, who maintains the KUSP (former KURT) project. I owe him big time for teaching me deep insight into realtime Linux related problems and the area of high resolution timers. Also I don't know how often I used his quote:

Realtime is not as fast as possible - realtime is as fast as specified - Doug Niehaus, Summer 2001

The KUSP based LibeRTOS project, which provided single kernel user space realtime features for Linux 2.4, was just in the transition state to 2.6, when the realtime patches from MontaVista were published to LKML, which led to the CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT patch of Ingo Molnar. After looking at the code, I joined his efforts and contributed valuable pieces, which I had already moved from 2.4 to 2.6. Since then I'm working mostly fulltime on the realtime patches and the high resolution timer patches, which are integrated into Ingo's patchset.

While the first time of working on that was spent on my own private time minus the hours I was able to bill into related consulting contracts, I got funding for my work on the base of a cooperation of linutronix and TimeSys Corp. since January 2006. Thanks for the great environment, which TimeSys is providing me, and I think it is a generous contribution to the realtime Linux community.

I really like the "welding penguin" logo - kudos to Melissa McKenney - and Linus' related quote on the main page of this wiki. The context of this quote was a question on the Kernel Summit 2006 realtime slot. "Is there any real world usage of CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT ?" Ingo answered this question: "It is used for wood-working and laser welding machines.". I'm personally proud of that, as both companies are my customers and they contributed a lot of funding and help for this work. Those two companies are also the driving force behind the OSADL (Open Source Automation Developer Lab), which was founded to give Open Source in the Automation market a similar backup forum as OSDL provides for the enterprise and telco market.

You can contact me by mail to "tglx at linutronix dot de". Please use this mail address only, if you have personal or business related questions. I provide community support on the Linux Kernel Mailing List and the Realtime-Users Mailing list, which should be up and running soon.


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