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realtime software developer since 90's


Linux preempt RT seems a good choice for developing realtime internet networks

Well known name of the moment :

  • profinet
  • powerlink
  • ethercat
  • modbus tcp
  • ethernet/ip

..... gateways to older well known fieldbuses : canopen, ...

I will not tell if one is better or not than another, this completely depends on YOUR requirements.

The today's problem is that we will need a combination of at least two networks in our applications for some reasons... (retrofitting applications, migrating to new protocols , availability of products ....)

This is why we would need to develop : The Opensource realtime network industrial framework , a software gateway framework running linux rt preempt able to dialog with any bus (selected at compilation). using standard Ethernet hardware. this framework is intended being used by automation/embedded plc's

I encourage everybody beginning the discussion here , to create the project .

a quick TODO list , contributors welcomed , I know some people are already on the way :

  • measurement and publication of timing spent to transverse the linux kernel network stack needed in order finding where optimisations are needed.
  • searching for the best software architecture in order being able driving ethernet protocols (ace api ? ,other ...)
  • optimisations of network drivers : most ethernet linux drivers do not provide the ability to use hardware features available in the chipsets. (eg UPD checksum ..)
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