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Electronics Engineering graduate with 16+ years professional experience in embedded systems development, handling hardware design, software programming and overall project management. Experience in Linux system and kernel programming, Device driver development, boot loader and Android platform.

Technical Skills: Compilers/ IDE: Eclipse, Keil, TI CCS, Zilog ZDS, IAR,MPLAB Programming Languages: C, Java, Assembly Mobile Platform: Android EDA packages: ORCAD Schematic Capture & PCB layout. Emulators / Simulators: Zilog ZDS, TI CCS, Keil Ulink2, MPLAB SoC/Microprocessors/Microcontrollers (worked): Philips (NXP): PNX8335 (STB225), PNX8550 (STB810), LPC2xxx (arm7) Microchip: PIC32MX, PIC6 series TI: MSP430, Stellaris, TIVA C series, Beagle Board Cypress: EzUSB FX2LP CY7C68013A, CY7C63803 Atmel: AT mega and AVR, 89C51/52/55 Zilog: Z86EXX (OTP), Z8 encore (flash) Ubicom: SX08, SX48 Winbond: 4 bit IR transmitter Samsung: KS51840/52850 4 bit IR transmitter, OSD mixer Protocol used: Modbus, TCP/IP, I2C, DMX,SPI, IR remote, 1-wire (i-button Dallas semi) Software technologies: Linux Kernel and device drivers, FFMpeg, VDPAU (video decode and presentation API). Wowza (media streaming server), audio video codec, libusb.

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