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The 'make config' screenshots are illegible for me, can anyone else read them?



No, I can't read them either. Perhaps I need higher resoloution and subpixel hinting?

This is a truly wonderful project, many thanks...

Although some systems may have a bzcat2 alias for bzcat, on my system the man page for bzip2 begins:


      bzip2 [ -cdfkqstvzVL123456789 ] [ filenames ...  ]
      bunzip2 [ -fkvsVL ] [ filenames ...  ]
      bzcat [ -s ] [ filenames ...  ]
      bzip2recover filenam

Note that it has bzcat not bzcat2.

I apologize if editing bzcat2->bzcat on the installation page is poor protocol--you could always change it back :-) It gave me a moment's panic when I couldn't find bzcat2 to patch the kernel. But I feel much better now <VBG>


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