Systems based on Real time preempt Linux

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[edit] Systems or devices based on or evaluated with RT_PREEMPT

This list has been composed from the linux-rt-users mailing list. Source[1]

[edit] Industrial

  • solft-PLC called DACHSview [2]
  • Fieldbus support: PROFIBUS-DP master/slave (Softing/PCI), CAN L2 for Janus-MM/Daimond a.s.o [3]
  • Portugese telecom / transportation company will use (as on 15th Sept 2010) [4]
  • Trumpf laser systems [5]

[edit] Military, Defence and Aerospace

  • Command and control for the US Navy DDG 1000 Zumwalt Class Destroyer [6]
  • radar video distribution [Link]

[edit] Financial

  • Fujitsu Limited and Tokyo Stock Exchange "Arrowhead" [7]

[edit] Entertainment

  • Receptor from Muse Research [8]
  • Harrison Xrange audio consoles [9]
  • Midas XL8 audio console [10]
  • Real time linux based high-flying Camera. Used in Professional Sports heavily, and equally, if not more so, by the Film Industry [11]
  • Local position measurement system (LPM) from Abatec [12]

[edit] Accesibility

  • A multi-microphone hearing aid research platform [13]
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