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The Bugzilla is used to track bugs against the PREEMPT_RT Linux kernel. When submitting a new bug, select the Product and Component appropriate for the area in which the bug occurs (e.g. Networking/IPV4), select PREEMPT_RT for the Tree field, and provide the exact version you are running in Kernel Version field.

When reporting bugs, please include as much information as possible in order to assist developers in reproducing the issue. Include the hardware platform you are using, your Linux kernel .config file, any relevant log output, and ideally a simple testcase to reproduce the error in source form. As always, please search the existing bug list and consider posting the issue to the linux-rt-users mailing list before opening a new defect.

If you would like to have access to the saved searches defined for PREEMPT_RT, which provide RSS feeds and whine emails (opt-in of course), please contact Darren Hart <dvhart at> or Clark Williams <williams at>. They will need your bugzilla login ID and will add you to the PREEMPT_RT group.

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