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The table needs some of the fields filled in, but more importantly, we need a lot more links to Real-Time related articles.
Title Author(s) Date
Approaches to realtime Linux Jonathan Corbet 2004-10-12
Realtime preemption, part 2 Jonathan Corbet 2004-10-20
A realtime preemption overview Paul McKenney 2005-08-10
Read-copy-update for realtime Jonathan Corbet 2006-09-26
High Resolution Timer Design Notes Thomas Gleixner -
Next Generation Hard Realtime on POSIX based Linux Robert Schwebel 2006-06
The State of RT and Common Mistakes slides of BOF at OLS 2006
by Steve Rostedt and Klaas van Gend
hrtimers - and beyond slides to the talk at OLS 2006
by Thomas Gleixner and Douglas Niehaus
OLS 2006 proceedings
including paper "hrtimers - and beyond"
paper of the talk at OLS 2006
by Thomas Gleixner and Douglas Niehaus
SMP and Embedded Real Time Paul E. McKenney Linux Journal
January 2007
Real time in embedded Linux systems Michael Opdenacker January 2007
Native mainline Linux: fit for embedded and real-time systems, boards & solutions (PDF) Carsten Emde and Thomas Gleixner March 2007
Real-time Java, Part 1 - 6 Mark Stoodley, Mike Fulton, Michael Dawson, Ryan Sciampacone, John Kacur April - July 2007
Proceedings of the 2007 Linux Symposium Various Authors [includes "Internals of the RT Patch" by Steven Rostedt ] June 2007
Real-time Linux Software Quick Reference Guide - -
Realtime Linux foundation Real Time Linux Foundation, Inc. -
RTLinux-GPL - -
RTAI-Real Time Application Interface Politecnico di Milano - Dipartimento di Ingegneria Aerospaziale -
OSADL Project: RT-Preempt patches Open Source Automation Development Lab Continuously updated
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