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Official Homepage of LTP Project is We can use RealtimeTest in entier directory of LTP Full source.


Tree info of Realtime Test Tree

Below link is realtime testcase of LTP related tree informations. ( I can not upload image file in this media wiki page. )


Quick Howto


lgs-f11#> wget lgs-f11#> tar xvzf ltp-full-20090331.tgz lgs-f11#> cd ltp-full-20090531 lgs-f11#> vi ./Makefile (If your architecture is not X86 , edit CROSS_COMPILE and LIB_DIR line). lgs-f11#> make lgs-f11#> make install


#> ./ -p -q -l result-geunsik-all.log
#> ./runltp -i 1024 -m 128 -p -q -l /tmp/resultlog.377 -d /usr/ltp
#> ./ -i 1024 -m 128 -p -q 1l /tmp/resultlog.383 -d /usr/ltp


#> cat result/result-geunsik-all.log
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