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User page for Opalmirror: James Perkins

Name: James T. Perkins

Email: (formerly:


Employer: None (formerly: Wind River,

Interest in RT: I've been off and on tangentially involved in the HRT and RT patches at Wind River since we started working on a Linux distribution in 2004. I pulled in ktimers into our distribution in 2005, and have ported in both the George Anzinger and the Thomas Gleixner HRT patch sets (onto 2.6.10 and 2.6.14). I also ported Inaky's FUSYN patchset to our 2.6.10 distribution - thanks to Sven Dietrich for providing a port. I've also been involved in the Embedded and RT BOFs at Ottawa Linux Symposium in 2004, 2005, and 2006.

I've been administering Linux as an unpaid sideline since 1.0.9 (Slackware 3, RedHat, Debian, and recently Fedora Core), set up small business servers, and was Wind River's first fulltime engineer working on a Linux distro project (which included a colocation with RedHat in their Westford Office for several months). I also have been involved with the Portland State Aerospace Society ( in setting up their web presence and wiki, and interim software lead of their successful rocket avionics launch, and authored a description of the application in a USENIX paper -- that's all open source. I continue to kibitz on most things happening to the kernel at Wind River.

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