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I had my first experience in the age of 8 with BASIC on a Commodore VC 20. With 16 and the following years I learned the programming language Turbo Pascal 4.0..7.0 and tasm assembler language. In assembler I did some funny things like: OOP and I programmed an environment that used the extended Real Mode of the i386. (4 GB adress space) There I programmed somthing like XFree and QT together with on demand scheduling and an inner loop flow. On the university in Karlsruhe I learned also the programming language FORTRAN 77, 90. Because of knowing tasm nasm I did not like to learn gcc but there was no way around so I had my first experiences in 2004 with GCC. Till now I don't like to programm AT&T assembler syntax. I have two KDE projects PCNC and Keda. Because of CNC, embedded systems and chip burning I need linux RT functionality (and it is not yet enough at the moment).

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